Revive by Dr. Naturel

REVIVE by Dr. Naturel, the Gluten Free RICE Phytoceramides supplement. 

Clinically proven to moisturize skin naturally and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles better than Lipowheat and other wheat based ceramides.

Over a six-week period, an Independent Clinical Study showed:

Revive’s RICE Phytoceramides  REDUCED SKIN ROUGHNESS:

  • 16% beneath eyes
  • 63% on the forearm
  • 29% Dorsal Neck

Revive’s RICE Phytoceramides  INCREASED SKIN WATER

  • 21% Below the Eye
  • 15% on the Forearm
  • 30% on the Dorsal Neck

Revive’s Rice Phytoceramides  DECREASED SKIN DRYNESS

  •  5% below the Eye
  • 3% on the Forearm
  • 8% on the Dorsal Neck

When Revive’s Rice Phytoceramides were compared with Wheat ceramides in the same six week study, overall SKIN MOISTURE IMPROVED:

15% with Rice Phytoceramides  but only 2% with Wheat Based Ceramides.

Rice Phytoceramides PERFORMED 750% BETTER than wheat ceramides in allowing skin to RETAIN MOISTURE!

(SOURCE: See Graphs from study with additional pictures. Statistics from the study published June 1, 2000 by the Institute of General Medical Sciences, Soiken, Japan)

Revive by Dr. Naturel is a new concept in beauty. It’s a nutricosmetic; that means it helps make your skin softer, smoother, less dry and more luminous from the inside out. The secret? Ceramide-PCD from Oryza®. This all -natural rice-based ingredient strengthens your cells and allows your skin to retain more moisture, naturally where you need it.

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat”. It’s true. Our habits, environment and diet have a profound effect on how we look, how good we feel and our overall health. Vitamins and minerals help your cells stay strong and function properly but it’s water that makes the difference in how well your cells do this. The more moisture you can retain in your cells, the younger your skin looks and the better your cells function.

You know when all is not right. Your skin is dry, tight, flaky and can appear dull, most notably on your hands, cheeks and around your eyes. Once it becomes severe it often loses elasticity, resulting in the pronouncement of fine lines and wrinkles.

Naturally your skin contains 40% ceramides, but they cannot be stored. Your body needs to constantly make them. As you get older, the production slows down. The only way to replace them is through the foods you eat or supplements.

Phytoceramides, what Revive is made with come from plants including rice, wheat and sweet potatoes. This is the naturally occurring fat within these foods. These are like little water bottles in each of your cells. The more moisture your skin has, the fatter they get. The fatter they get, the smoother your skin looks and feels. This makes your cells stronger too.  Cells don’t have muscles, they have ceramides and the stronger the ceramides, the stronger your cells and the better your skin and other organs work. Basically what ceramides do is:

  • Increase skin hydration
  • Reduce Itchiness
  • Quell Redness
  • Minimize small lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes skin smoothness
  • And Fights the signs of aging.

Revive by Dr. Naturel replenishes your ceramides allowing your skin to retain more moisture, thus looking and feeling healthier.  Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Revive by Dr. Naturel